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Strawberry Tart

The local strawberries are finally here! I typically enjoy strawberries fresh and raw, mostly in the form of shortcake or on top of ice cream. However, occasionally I will try to cook with strawberries, and this recipe was inspired by … Continue reading


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Santa Berries

Merry Christmas! Here’s a super simple and healthy recipe with only two ingredients: strawberries and Greek yogurt (I used vanilla). Cut off the leaves, then slice off the tip of the berry. Add a dollop of yogurt then replace the … Continue reading


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  This strawberry is juicy! Another strawberry? Oh thank you! Strawberries are so yummy!


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Local Strawberries for Valentine’s Day

We don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day.  Years ago, when Ed and I were first dating, we’d go out to a fancy restaurant.  But now, we’re just as happy to enjoy a quiet night at home.  I … Continue reading


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Strawberry Fruit Leather

I usually make jam instead of jelly because I don’t like wasting all the fruit pulp that’s left after the juice drains.  However, when I made strawberry jelly this time I used the leftover pulp to make fruit leather, and I … Continue reading


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