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October Unprocessed

After a lot of thought, like a whole 30 minutes worth, I’ve decided to join the October Unprocessed challenge from Eating Rules. Basically I’m going to skip all processed foods for the entire month of October. Even Halloween candy. I … Continue reading


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I’m Not Buying It!

I believe that one of the most important things we can do to be sustainable is live a simpler life, one without so much disposable stuff.  Now I’m putting my money where my mouth is and joining the I’m Not … Continue reading


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Simple Success

I set my simple goals back in August for Elsie’s challenge and since 2011 is almost here, I’m reporting on my success. Start Knitting Again: This has been a difficult goal since my hands always seem to be busy with Joshua, … Continue reading


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Setting Simple Goals

Thanks to Country Girl for tipping me off to this! Elsie at A Beautiful Mess has put forth this challenge of setting and achieving simple goals before the end of 2010. Here are Elsie’s guidelines: choose simple goals that will make your … Continue reading

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Challenge Posts!

  Thanks so much to those who participated in my first challenge! Be sure to check out all the posts for a wealth of information! Laura wrote about educating her son in Of seeds and water and environmental things. Old Novice chose to … Continue reading

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