Best Wireless Meat Thermometers

Are you ready to fire up the grill for grilling season, and wondering whether you need to have a wireless meat thermometer? Well, you do. We do a lot of grilling around here, and having the ability to know what’s going on over on the grill without having to get up, is really nice. A wireless thermometer allows you to check the cooking temperatures even if you are sitting on a lawn chair or making small talk in the kitchen, without worrying about your steaks on the grill.

Some of the models of wireless thermometers available on the market make use of Bluetooth for delivering data, but Bluetooth has a limited range. Other models use Wi-Fi and can have an extended range, but it will depend on how well the WiFi within your home works. Some models come with their own remote, and other models deliver temperature data through an app on your smartphone. Regardless of the model you choose to buy, the biggest advantage of a wireless thermometer is that you won’t have to spend time hovering over a hot grill to ensure that your food is perfectly cooked.

There is one wire in wireless thermometers, and this is the wire that connects the temperature probe to the base unit. These wires tend to fail due to being bent or crimped or due to the excessive heat and therefore, it is recommended to keep some extra probes on hand. Here is a list of some of the best wireless grill thermometers available in the market today to cook your perfect barbecue.

Wireless Meat Thermometer Reviews


Long Range Ivation Wireless Thermometer

This model stays true to its name as it is reliably capable of transmitting data over greater distances as compared to other models. It also comes with customizable alarms to inform whether food has risen above or below a particular temperature range. It is available in two different colors and sizes and has the capability to read temperatures up to 570 degrees F. It also comes with a backlit screen making it easy for you to use it at night.

Tappecue V2

This model allows you to check the temperature from anywhere in the world. You just need to connect to the Internet to check the temperature. It means you can make that last minute run to the store without worrying about your food. Also, your guests can connect to this thermometer which means they are always aware of the time it will take to cook the food. Some of the best features in this model include a programmable app, highly accurate readings, and access through a cloud-based server.

 Weber iGrill 3

Weber is a big name in outdoor cooking. This particular thermometer comes with a 250 hours battery life and it is compact enough to keep beside any stove burner or grill top. You can pair this thermometer with a wide variety of Bluetooth enabled devices. Some of the significant features of this thermometer include synchronization among multiple units and temperature graphing through app though it is expensive as compared to other models.

Maverick Et-733 Long-Range Thermometer

This model is the definition of a long-range thermometer as it comes with a range of 300 feet and it also includes an alert for loss of signal in case you are out of range for more than a minute. In other words, it will alert you in case you place that lawn chair a bit too far that may result in overcooked food. It comes with two separate probes that can read temperatures up to 716 degrees F.

It also comes with preset cooking temperature for nine game types of meat and nine common meats which means you won’t need to go online to find the proper cooking temperature for bore or elk. These preset temperatures can also be customized to your taste and it will store these which means you won’t need to reset it every time when you turn off the thermometer. You can use the probes for measuring either the grill temperatures or meat temperatures.

It includes two grill clips for convenience, and the remote comes with a backlight which means you can easily read it in all kinds of light conditions. The remote and base is available in burgundy color, and you can quickly match the colors with other sets of remote thermometers in your drawer.

Overall Best: The ThermoPro Remote Wireless Digital Thermometer

This particular model has a wireless range of up to 300 feet and comes with two probes. Its 300 feet range means that you can easily go far away from the grill without worrying about overcooked chops and steaks. It comes with a wireless remote and a base unit which means there is no need for a smartphone app to monitor the temperatures. The displays on the remote and the base unit are large and backlit, allowing you to easily read them in all kind of light conditions.

It comes with nine preset temperatures for various meats based on USDA recommendations, and you can always personalize these presets as per your preferences. These presets are saved in the internal memory which means they will remain there even when you turn off the thermometer. It also comes with a timer function, and you can use it for two different functions including for the maximum period of 99 hours and 59 minutes or a maximum period of 99 minutes and 59 seconds. The topmost temperature for probes is rated at 770 degrees F but the company promises to replace the probe in case it fails. The thermometer provides you temperature readings ranging from 32 to 572 degree F.

What To Look For In A Great Wireless Meat Thermometer

It gives accurate readings. After all, it’s the most obvious thing you expect from a meat thermometer as eating undercooked meat can have a negative effect on your health, and you don’t want to eat overcooked meat as it’s not fun.

It should be fast as nobody likes to keep standing near a hot grill for too long. Fast reading also ensures minimal temperature fluctuations when you open the oven or grill top. The leave-in thermometers do not need to be fast but fast readings ensure that the temperature reading is right.

Best thermometers have a wide range of temperature reading capability as it adds to the overall utility of the thermometer. Best models available in the market are capable of withstanding more than 500 degrees F which means these can be easily used in an oven or grill. Some of the models will also record temperatures below the freezing point which means you can use the same thermometer for monitoring chilled foods.

Most experts recommend buying digital thermometers instead of analog thermometers. These digital thermometers are usually powered by coin style, AA or AAA batteries. The digital thermometer should come with an automatic shut-off function to save battery life which cuts down on the lifetime expense of the thermometer.

If the screen is big enough, a backlit display is not a necessity, but it does make it easy for you to read in dim lighting, especially within the confines of an oven or grill.

It should come with clearly labeled controls as a good thermometer should make it easy for you to control it which means it should have big and clearly labeled, and easy to press buttons. Even though most of the modern meat thermometers are smart and come with a variety of features including temperature alerts, count-up and countdown timers, and other such things along with apps for your smartphone but intuitive controls are a must. For wireless devices, the thermometer should come with an easy-to-use and intuitive app for your smartphone.

The probe in a meat thermometer is fairly delicate by design and it’s only a few millimeters wide. Some of the best models available in the market are capable of withstanding temperatures of more than 500 degrees F and the leave-in models come with tough cables that do not melt on exposure to high heat. The weak point for most of the meat thermometers tends to be the probes and probe cables which means it’s better to buy thermometers that come with splash resistant cables capable of withstanding water exposure.

Everybody wants to enjoy that glistening and caramelized primal cut and amazingly tasting blackened steak from their grill or slow smoker. You have the power to get that but you need to master the techniques and temperature control. After all, monitoring the temperature for cooking makes the ultimate difference in the taste.

Mingling with your guests when you are hosting an event and keeping an eye on your hot grill is not always easy. Also, nobody wants to leave the air-conditioning and comfortable couch in the living room to go outside and check the food. Opening the door of the smoker multiple times should be avoided as it releases valuable cooking thermals and also put your dinner plans back.

This is the reason buying a wireless thermometer makes so much sense. It allows you to enjoy your delicious grill out without worrying about any of the above-mentioned issues. However, you need to ensure that the model you are buying has the right features you need. You also need to keep in mind that the grill temperature matters as much as the meat temperature. For instance, 225 to 275 degrees F is the ideal range for slow cooking whereas you need a temperature in the range of 375 to 450 for cooking steaks. Therefore, it is better to choose a unit that comes with two probes allowing you to measure the temperature of the heat source as well as the meat.

One of the best things about modern age cooking is that you have absolutely no need to sit beside your outdoor smoker or grill all evening to ensure that your food is cooked to perfection. The technology available today allows you to enjoy your evening without worrying about the outer grill or smoker. The remote meat temperature monitoring has made it easy for professionals to prepare seafood and vegetables to the highest culinary quality without getting bogged down in the kitchen.

When you are out there smoking or open grilling, keep in mind that the taste of your aromatic and brain enhancing baby backs depends on temperature control. Only a dedicated chef with necessary attention, skill and time can prepare that meat with falling-off-the-bone quality. Thanks to the availability of wireless meat thermometers, it is now straightforward to monitor the exact temperature for that perfectly cooked food.

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