Swimming for a Great Cause!

I have always respected the Best for Babes organization for the help and education they provide to help moms meet their breastfeeding goals, so I’ve joined Team Best for Babes!

Team Best for Babes is an opportunity for anyone, anywhere, to run, walk, ride, stroll, tri – whatever fitness activity you are into at any level– to race to beat the Breastfeeding Booby Traps® – the societal barriers that prevent millions of moms each year from making informed feeding decisions and from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals, whether that’s to breastfeed for 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years, or not at all. – Learn more at the Team Best for Babes main page

After David was born, I began swimming laps as a way to get healthy and lose the baby weight. In the process, I have found an activity that I truly enjoy and think of as my “me time.” Thanks to the support of my family, especially my husband and mom, I recently reached my initial goal of swimming a continuous mile and I have almost reached my weight loss goals as well! This fundraiser is the perfect way for me to raise money for a cause that I believe in and keep up with my own fitness and health goals at the same time.

My goal is to swim a minimum of 10 miles by October 31, and I’m asking anyone who would like to donate to please pledge $1 per mile, for a total of $10. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Ruth

    So proud of you, Abbie!
    What a great effort for a great reason!