Project: In-Ground Sand Box & Swing Set

Our summer project has been the construction of an in-ground sand box to house our new swing set. We decided to make a 30′ x 30′ sand box… which is probably the biggest sand box in the universe. First, we planned and staked it out. We chose the back corner of our yard because it is in the shade until about noon. We have almost no shade in our yard, since it was a hay field before we built our house.

Fortunately for us, Uncle Nate has his own excavation company! We bribed him with offers of coming over to dinner, hair cuts, and a promise that he can always play with us in the sand box. He dug a foot down into the top soil, then lined the hole with filter fabric.

The next day, Uncle Nate brought loads of play sand, about 28 yards!

We could have spread the sand out with rakes, but since the excavator was here anyway…

The boys enjoyed the sand box for about a week until we got our swing set. It was just like visiting the beach!

Finally, we went shopping with Mema to pick out Joshua’s new swing set, which she and Pa had promised him as a birthday present! Joshua was adamant that it should have a slide, ladder, and swings. David just needed a baby swing. As a bonus, it has a rock-climbing wall, a picnic table, a trapeze, and a fort! And now, we play…

We have two very, very happy boys!

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  1. Elizabeth

    *Sigh* Wish I had an Uncle Nate…. :)

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