Third Trimester ~ Baby Update

It has been quite a while since I wrote a blog update on baby boy #2. I’m currently 36.5 weeks along, and the little man is due to make his arrival in less than a month! I am so fortunate to have had a relatively easy pregnancy again, with my only complaints being minor. At every check up I get a good report on both baby boy and myself. He’s head-down, his heart rate is good, my weight and blood pressure are good. And now that I’m going once a week for check ups, I realize we’re really coming down to the end here!

So far I’ve gained just about as much weight as I had at this point in my first pregnancy with Joshua: 25lbs. However, due to a lot of fluid retention at the end of that pregnancy, I wound up gaining a total of 40lbs. I’m hoping to avoid all that swelling this time around by drinking lots of water and remembering to stay off my feet, which is harder since I have Joshua to keep me on my toes.

My last day of work is November 2, and it will be bittersweet. I have some really great classes this year and I wish I could stay with them. It’s my second year teaching physics and I feel like I’m in my groove. At the same time, I’m tired and ready to focus on this new addition to our family without thinking about work all of the time. I’ll be home until the beginning of May, which will give me about six months off. It’s not perfect, but it’s longer than most working moms around here get to take. It will be hard not to get paid after the first six weeks, but we’ll make it work just like we did last time. I’m fortunate that I’ll have a job waiting for me.

We’ve been working on preparing Joshua for his little brother. Every night I tell him stories about Farmer Joshua and his little brother, what kind of tractors they drive, what kind of animals they take care of, and other adventures that they go on. In our imaginary world, Joshua and his little brother are already best friends. I hope that will be the case when baby boy arrives, but I’m sure there will be a little bit of jealousy. Joshua has a great daddy, grandparents, uncles, aunts and more extended family who will be here to spoil him and remind him he’s still loved and special, even if Mommy can’t devote all of her time to him anymore.

We still don’t have a name picked out for our baby boy quite yet, though we have mostly settled on a middle name. Of course when we finally choose a first name we’ll have to see if the middle name goes with it. We like old-fashioned, traditional names. With Abigail, Edwin and Joshua in the family we need to stick with the theme. The trouble is that we both have families full of boys with traditional names, so a lot are already taken. We’re working on it.

It’s amazing how much more relaxed I am about the arrival of this second baby than I was when Joshua was born. I feel ready and excited to finally meet him, though I’m still a procrastinator and while I feel ready, I’m not really ready. We have to do some maneuvering of our sleeping arrangements to get ready, we have to get out the car seat and put it back in my car, and I have to get some disposable diapers for the beginning (though we’ll transition to gDiapers, which we already have from Joshua). I recently took out Joshua’s old clothes and I’m ready with lots of snuggly jammies for baby boy. I knitted him a few hats but need to add the finishing touches, and I finally finished Joshua’s baby afghan, so that will be passed on to this baby, too.

I’m working through the Hypnobabies Home Course in preparation for birth, and though I was very skeptical in the beginning, as is my nature, I have found that I’m really enjoying it. I’m able to relax very deeply, which was my goal. I figure it can’t hurt to have one more trick to fall back on during labor. I’m hoping for a speedy delivery, but who knows what will happen. I’m working off the assumption that this baby will be bigger than Joshua, so my guess is around 10lbs. I can do it. My doctor agrees.

I find myself daydreaming about what life will be like with two little boys. I’m really excited about Christmas this year–decorating the house, dressing up the boys in matching outfits and making Christmas cards, and of course Christmas morning. Joshua is at the age where Christmas is so magical and I can’t wait to share that with him. I feel like we’ve got years of happy Christmases ahead of us. While I know that having a newborn will make things more complicated, I’m so excited that he’ll be here soon.

Ed and I don’t really know what we’re in for, and we’re both so busy with Joshua and work that we find we don’t really have time to think about it. I guess we’re in for a reality check soon! We’re very excited to have a second son. I feel like I know how to raise a boy. We have a blast getting dirty and exploring. We spend lots of time around tractors and equipment, and I’m hoping that the new baby will enjoy that stuff as much as Joshua does. All kids are different, but I feel like this is a good family for boys and I’m a good mother to boys.

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  1. Good luck with the last few weeks and your birth! For me, the whole birth was a lot easier the second time around. Just being familiar with everything helped me to relax. I read the Hypnobirthing book and listened to the CD a few times, never got the whole completely “hypnotized” thing down, but the breathing techniques during contractions, calm visualization of a healthy birth, and focusing on the positive progress during contractions really helped me so much during the labor of our four kids.

    I just stumbled upon your blog when looking for a squash pie recipe. I enjoy reading about your life!

  2. Tanya

    happy to hear that you and the baby are doing well! wishing you the best!

  3. You look great!

    The great thing about second babies is that they’re almost always much easier. I’m sure this new little one will fit into your family with no problems at all.
    Amber recently posted..Podcast: Kate Hopper on Writing and MotherhoodMy Profile

  4. It’s so wonderful to hear you’re having a great pregnancy! I love that you’re taking the time to prepare for labor and that you have a supportive doctor. That makes all the difference! Congratulations on your soon-to-be little one! And thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Baby Link Up!
    Shannon @ GrowingSlower recently posted..8 Stats You Should Know About Your Midwife and ObstetricianMy Profile

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