Apple Picking on Columbus Day

It’s nearing the end of apple season, so Joshua and I ventured out to pick while we still can on my day off of school. I’ve been thinking of experimenting with slow cooker applesauce, so I was looking for a specific kind of apple: Ida Red.

I’m not a big fan of Ida Red for eating fresh (and neither was Joshua, after his first bite in this picture), but it’s the perfect applesauce apple because it’s so big. You get so much from each one! The skin is a bright red/pink/orange that I think will give a beautiful shade to the applesauce, since I’m planning to leave the skin on and then put it through the food mill.

We picked some Empire and Red Delicious for our snacks and lunches this week. I normally don’t like Red Delicious, but they’re good fresh from the tree.

Empires are just about the prettiest apple I’ve ever seen because they shine up so well, and they’re also very tasty.

We also picked a few pears on our way by the trees. Joshua doesn’t like them but Daddy does. Did you know that pears are supposed to be picked when they’re not ripe and then allowed to ripen over time?

After a quick rest on a tree stump, we headed back home for lunch. Joshua was chilly because he chose to walk through the hay field back to Mema and Pa’s house instead of around it, which meant his shoes, socks and pants were soaked. We got dried off, put on footed jammies and ate lunch while I took some time to write this post. Up next: trying out slow cooker applesauce. If it’s any good, we’ll share!

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2 Responses to Apple Picking on Columbus Day

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and happy Columbus Day to my American friends.

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