Carousel Rides ~ Wordless Wednesday with Linky!

One of the discoveries that Joshua has made this summer is his love for carousels, small and large!

All by himself! I don’t really trust Joshua to hang on and not bail out for the whole ride, so on this carousel the attendant was nice enough to walk around with him. We weren’t allowed, since there was no platform to stand on. The whole time he yelled at her “My turn!” and “Go away!”

Riding on the lobster with Mimi at the Fish Tale restaurant.

Riding on the “black horsie!” at the Potato and Corn Festival with Mema.

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12 Responses to Carousel Rides ~ Wordless Wednesday with Linky!

  1. Thats soo funny that he yelled “my turn” at her! LOL! He looks like he’s have a blast =)
    Trisha G. recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Yummy Goodness {w/ Linky}My Profile

  2. I just love carousels too! Great photos.
    Meryl recently posted..Dumbing Down and Demanding Less…Really?My Profile

  3. When my kids were little, we rented the carousel at the mall for a fabulous birthday party.
    Joyce recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Water Proof RaincoatsMy Profile

  4. I know exactly why he loves them ~ they’re awesome!!

    Happy WW!

  5. How fun!! Cute photos.
    Sarah recently posted..Tumbling Dustyn & a FREE JournalMy Profile

  6. I used to love going on carousels when I was a kid, I was always so excited to see one. Your little one looks like he is having the time of his life!
    Kylez…aka…Mrs.P recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – A Visit with Nan & Pop, Aunties & UnclesMy Profile

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  8. Sounds like my two year old on the pony ride the other day. “Let go mommy!” I don’t think so….
    Mommy Outside recently posted..Rocking Chair – Wordless Wednesday (w/linky)My Profile

  9. Nice! Carousels are the best. I love that Alrik & I get a free ride on the one downtown, because I “have” to stand next to Mikko. ;)
    Lauren @ Hobo Mama recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Gentleman pirateMy Profile

  10. How cute! My son loves those too!

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