July Green Moms Carnival ~ Food Independence ~ Call for Submissions!

The July Green Moms Carnival will be hosted here at Farmer’s Daughter! Last summer we all shared recipes on the topic of Food Preservation and there were tons of submissions. I would love to have such a popular carnival again this year!

This month’s theme is Food Independence! Please share about how you have worked towards becoming more food independent. Do you garden, raise your own animals, cook from scratch? Do you frequent local farms and farmer’s markets? Do you preserve or store food? Are you preparing for hard times and, if so, why? Have you already experienced hard times? Are you an expert or are you just starting out? And who, exactly, are you trying to gain independence from?

Please write about Food Independence and publish your post any time between now and Thursday, July 12. Email the link to your post and a short description of it to me: farmersdaughterct AT gmail DOT com by July 12 in order to be included in the Food Independence Green Moms Carnival on Tuesday, July 17.

UPDATE: Deadline extended until SUNDAY, JULY 15!

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