Planting Fruit Trees on Mother’s Day ~ Wordless Wednesday Linky!


I grew up in the middle of a peach orchard and an apple orchard, so I love to grow fruit trees at our house. My husband, however, hates to plant trees. This year I got around that by strategically planning to have trees ready to go into the ground by Mother’s Day! Since I’m now 14 weeks pregnant, there’s no way he’d let me do the brute work of digging the holes. How convenient!

We already have 6 dwarf apple trees and added three trees to that mini orchard: a Reliance peach, a Stella cherry and a D’Anjou pear. Since they’re dwarf, we only had to plant them 15 feet apart, and now we have a sweet little 3 by 3 backyard orchard.

The only problem arose when I realized the Whitney crabapple was a full-sized tree, not a dwarf. Instead of adding it to the orchard, we planted it near the woods in the backyard. I got the crabapple to aid in pollination, and it’s definitely close enough for the bees to still cross-pollinate.

Joshua loved helping to dig and playing with the steaks, trees and water. Ed thinks I’m nuts and says I’ll be 40 before we get any fruit. He may just be right…

Linked up with the Seasonal Celebration at Natural Mothers Network.

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5 Responses to Planting Fruit Trees on Mother’s Day ~ Wordless Wednesday Linky!

  1. Lucky mama!

    You will have to post more photos of the trees as they grow. Can you expect blossoms as early as next spring?

  2. Planting trees sounds like lots of fun! I’d like to put in a fruit tree or two in our backyard (we obviously don’t have as much room to plant as you do)…but it’ll have to wait until next year. Wishing you lots of delicious fruit when these are producing—hopefully sooner than you think!

  3. What a lovely Mother’s Day gift to have your “guys” plant trees for you! And how wonderful it will be when your orchard produces. I’ve been thinking a lot, lately, about Permaculture and find companion planting so interesting. Will the cross-pollination of your trees affect the flavor of the fruit?

    So glad you linked up in our Meet & Greet … I’ve added you to my blog roll … don’t want to miss a thing! Looking forward to exploring your blog and reading more posts! :-)

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