Real Food ~ Before Dawn

This time of year we are out the door and each headed in our own direction by the time the sun comes up, so we almost always eat breakfast in the dark on weekdays. Ed is the type of person who likes to have a leisurely breakfast in the morning, so he gets up early and cooks for himself and sometimes Joshua if he’s awake. I’m more of a “run around like a chicken with my head chopped off” type of person in the morning, so my breakfast is almost always eaten in the car while I’m driving to work. Joshua usually eats a little bit here and then has a real breakfast when he gets to daycare around 7:00am. With our differing breakfast styles, you will surely find something to fit your breakfast needs.

Hearty and Hot

Ed works a physical job and likes to start the day with a substantial breakfast, which means he usually cooks for himself. He likes to cook eggs in any number of ways, but he almost always scrambles them and eats them with buttered toast. Sometimes he’ll take sausage out of the freezer and cook that, too. Other days, he’ll make oatmeal and add maple syrup to it. If Joshua is awake, which varies from day to day, he may eat some berries, a banana, or share some of his dad’s breakfast. In the summer, Ed will often have toast with butter and jam for breakfast or cold cereal. I would like to consistently make granola by the time that season rolls around so we don’t have to buy processed cereal. He often has a glass of orange juice or milk along with his coffee.

Meal on Wheels

I’m almost always running behind each morning, and breakfast needs to be something that I can prepare as I’m throwing things in my bag and heading for the door. I often have toast and lately have been enjoying my Maple Cinnamon Swirl Bread¬†or this No-Knead Oat Bread with butter. I usually throw some fruit into my bag, and sometimes some yogurt or a hard boiled egg, to have later on in the morning if I get hungry in between my classes. In the warmer months, I’ll often grab some fruit to eat in the car for my breakfast. I always eat apples in the fall, and may end up eating 3-4 apples in one day. In the early summer, it’s all about the strawberries. I don’t drink coffee or tea, so my stainless steel water bottle full of our well water is all I need.

Bagged Breakfast

Joshua snacks when he first gets up with his dad, but he eats his real breakfast at daycare since he goes so early. I pack a banana, yogurt, applesauce, berries and a grain like homemade bread, a muffin, oatmeal, a pancake or dry cereal. I’d like to move away from the dry cereal and make my own, though. He never eats everything but I like for him to have plenty of choices. Yogurt is his favorite and has been for a long time, and he loves raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. When he goes to my mother in law’s house, she cooks him breakfast there. He usually has whole milk to drink with breakfast.

Weekend Options

Ed and I both enjoy cooking breakfast on the weekends when we’re not crunched for time. We tend to take turns sleeping in, and whoever gets up with Joshua will start cooking breakfast. Ed likes to make bacon or sausage and eggs, while I like to cook pancakes or waffles. I love to make big batches and save the leftovers for weekday mornings, since popping a pancake or waffle into the toaster is a great way to heat it up. Look for my recipe for Gingerbread Pancakes coming later this week (or next week… I’m a busy lady!).

What’s your family’s favorite real food breakfast?

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3 Responses to Real Food ~ Before Dawn

  1. Tia

    During the week my kids eat breakfast at school and, like you I am usually racing out the door. I try to make a veggie-fruit smoothie and have that on the drive to class but if I don’t have time for that I have my coffee or tea and a piece of fruit. Either way its eaten/drank during the car ride to my first class.

    On Sunday morning, my one day off, I will make us a big breakfast, usually eggs and country potatoes w/ peppers & onions, celery & carrots. If we happen to some bacon, sausage or chorizo I might make that as well.

  2. Rob

    I usually enjoy some multi-grain toast with peanut butter during the week, but like to go to a very local place to eat on Saturdays or Sundays- I eat two eggs, sunny side up, hashbrowns, toast and bacon. My order comes with sausage, which of course goes to Romeo, my dog, for waiting and watching the car while I eat my feast.

  3. I’m not a morning person so breakfast rarely happens. The thought of eating when I get up is rarely a good one haha. I stumble to the kitchen, hope no one talks to me and get a cup of hot tea or coffee and stumble back to my laptop to try and wake up and stop cursing the day. I do sometimes eat oatmeal but that’s normally more of a brunch and I just eat a light lunch a bit later. I try and make green smoothies in the morning but that also rarely happens so they end up being part of my lunch sometimes. I did have some left over smoothie from dinner so that’s in a Life Factory glass bottle in the fridge so I may drink that in the morning tomorrow with some coffee.

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