A Day In My Life: Monday

Lately I’ve had a couple of different people ask how I “do it all.” My typical response is that I don’t do it all. On any given day, there are a bunch of things that don’t get done. But I feel like I have my priorities straight most of the time: Joshua, Ed, school, blogging. Everything else just fits in somewhere, with cleaning way down at the bottom of the list. So, I thought I’d put together a post of my day today to document how I “do it all…”

4:00am I wake up when Joshua stirs. Glance at the clock, then realize I’m still wearing my turtleneck from yesterday and I never did get to take a shower last night before I fell asleep. Should I get up now? Nope.

5:30am Ed wakes me up and I go take a shower. Fortunately Josh is still asleep while I get ready and rummage through the clothes in the dryer to pick out an outfit for myself and for him.

6:00am Josh is awake and I bring him downstairs. Ed has already done last night’s dishes, cooked himself breakfast and now pops some of my homemade cinnamon swirl bread in the toaster for me and Josh. We watch the news and Josh nurses for a little while, then we eat. Josh is going to my mom in law’s house today so he can stay in his jammies. I pack up snow gear just in case they want to play outside, then pack his lunch box, my lunch box, his clothes and my school bag.

6:45am We’re out the door and on our way to work.

7:30am My first class starts. Mid year exams are this week, so we spend class reviewing. I have AP Environmental Science first block.

9:00am I have Physics this block. We spend the whole 80 minutes going over practice problems in preparation for the exam.

10:30am It’s my “prep” period. I proofread all my exams and then head off to photocopy them. That’s always a fiasco. Then I grade papers and work on grades.

12:00pm Lunch with my colleagues. We always have something fun and sciency to talk about.

12:30pm Final presentations in my Botany class. It’s our last class today!

2:00pm School’s out. I have some work to do and wheel my cart down to the room I’ll teach in tomorrow morning. I chat with a few science teacher friends then head out to the parking lot. Buy gas on the way home in the sprinkling rain.

3:00pm This is the one day a week that I don’t pick up Joshua right after school, so I’ll have some time alone at home until they boys get home. I walk through the door and head straight to the basement to take some ground beef out of the freezer. Fill the sink with water and let it thaw there. Next I head upstairs to throw in a load of Joshua’s and my clothes. Put on jammy pants and my old favorite paint-stained UMaine sweatshirt.

3:15pm I work on some blog posts in between solving physics problems for school. I have a big glass of water and a snack, put the clothes in the dryer, and keep writing. When the ground beef is mostly thawed, I make a meatloaf and get it into the oven just in time for the boys to walk through the door. Guess I didn’t have time to pick up toys!

5:00pm Ed and Joshua are home. I spend some quality time with Joshua, reading books, playing with tractors, horsies and blocks.

6:30pm Hmm… that darn meatloaf still hasn’t cooked through. I crank the temperature to 400 and get the side dishes going. Slice up some homemade bread to warm. Our weekly grocery delivery arrives, and I’m thankful that I didn’t have to go to the store in the drizzly rain. The delivery man puts the groceries right on the counter. Joshua and Ed watch an episode of Thomas while I put the groceries away and get supper on the table.

7:00pm Seems that I burned the meatloaf! Oh well, it’s just a little burned. We all sit down and eat together as a family, sharing stories from our day. Josh talks all about his baby cousin. We dream a little bit about designing our mud room and about the spring.

7:30pm Ed does dishes while Joshua and I play. Ed joins us on the floor for a great game of “tractor barn,” which consists of building towers with blocks and knocking them down with tractors. It’s Josh’s favorite game. We sing songs and read a little bit. Josh had a late nap so he’s not very tired.

8:30pm I decide to take Joshua upstairs for some down time. We put on jammies, brush our teeth, then go to the big bed for some stories. Tonight it was Green Eggs and Ham, Curious George and Tractor Mac. And maybe a tiny bit of jumping on the bed. Finally Joshua wants to nurse and begins falling asleep, but then Daddy comes upstairs so he’s wide awake again.

9:10pm I realize that the Green Moms Carnival twitter chat has already begun and Joshua is nowhere near falling asleep. I get him to snuggle up next to Ed (who is now snoring) and try to go to sleep. He scrolls through pictures on my iPhone and watches a few youtube episodes of Thomas while I chat about climate change and other topics with my online friends.

9:55pm Joshua still hasn’t fallen asleep. He apparently doesn’t need sleep, ever. I shut down all the technology and he nurses to sleep rather quickly. I wait about 20 minutes to transfer him to his crib, searching through Pinterest for some birthday party ideas. Joshua will be 2 in less than 2 months!

10:30pm Joshua is sleeping soundly in his crib. I braid my hair and wash my face. Time for me to get our clothes ready for tomorrow. Should I fold the laundry instead of rummaging through the dryer all week long? Ha! Who has time to fold laundry! I didn’t get a chance to pack tomorrow’s lunches but Ed has assured me that he put the leftover meatloaf away, and that’ll have to be good enough. I’ll make meatloaf sandwiches on homemade bread in the morning. Hopefully. I decide to come write this “Day in the Life” instead of doing any real housework this late.

11:00pm Ed complains that the laptop screen is too bright for him to sleep. So I guess this is where my day ends. Before we know it, it’ll be time to get up and do it all over again tomorrow…

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3 Responses to A Day In My Life: Monday

  1. Well I’m tired. Lately it seems like my day includes a lot of trying to stay awake. I have still not recovered from that part of my being sick, I think my b12 levels may be really low again. I’m glad you posted this. I love these kinds of posts. I have been meaning to do one but keep forgetting, maybe tomorrow?

  2. “We always have something fun and sciency to talk about.” Love it! This kind of made me wish for some professional time again. And fyi, since I tutored last night, there’s a huge basket of laundry unfolded in the living room, the kitchen is not in the least bit cleaned up and the leftovers? Never made it into the fridge. Awesome.

  3. This was fun, thanks for sharing! I’ve been thinking about doing one now that we have finally settled in to a general routine.

    The grocery delivery sounds so cool! Jealous!

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