Christmas Card?

Last weekend, I had plans to take pictures for our Christmas card. Since Joshua loves tractors and since my brother’s Ford tractor is red, I thought it would make for a perfect card. The Ford 960 lives at the farm market, a decoration that people of all ages will take pictures with. My mom and I hung a wreath on it with a red bow, and we loved it.

The problem? For the first time in Joshua’s life, he did not want to sit on the tractor. He refused. He yelled “NO!” He screamed. We tried everything.

Look at the tire! Look how big it is! Do you want to drive the tractor so you can steer? NOOOO!

Want to sit with Mema? NO!!!!!!!!!

Want to sit on the Case instead of the Ford? Look at that frown!

We finally gave up and Josh ran around. I think this was the only time he smiled all morning. As it turned out, he was pretty tired and he fell asleep shortly after. So I said good-bye to my plans for this Christmas card. Too bad!

On to Christmas card Plan B…

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2 Responses to Christmas Card?

  1. My daughter and her hub have already ordered and received their Christmas photo cards. They do a family card each year, with the newest family member included. Next year’s card will be a family of four.

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