Red and Green Friday

This post is my contribution to the Green Moms Carnival, hosted this month at Eco-Novice.

I view the Friday after Thanksgiving as the official start of the Christmas season, but you won’t find me staying up until 3am for sales or fighting my way through the hustle and bustle at the mall. At our house, the Friday after Thanksgiving is Red and Green, not Black.


I love Christmas, which many of my close friends find to be an interesting fact about me because I’m not a religious person. I used to identify myself as non-religious, but I have always loved to celebrate holidays with my family so I now consider myself to be a secular Christian. This is one of my favorite times of year when the gift-giving and Joshua’s excitement give me special joy in my heart. To start off the spirit of the season, we spend the long Thanksgiving weekend getting festive.

On Friday, while some of my friends and family are out shopping, we’re home in our jammies. We have a warm fire and I put on a Christmas movie. My favorite is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, so that’s always first. Then we proceed to take out and set up our decorations. The advent calendar garland, the Christmas village, a candle in each window, stockings, garlands and lights on the mantel and stairway, mistletoe and wreathes. We can listen to music, drink hot chocolate, do some Christmas crafts and sit in front of the fire.

We do wait a few weeks for the tree though, which we get from my family’s farm.


My brothers always come up with some neat decorations at the farm, too.

I also use this weekend as time to take pictures and order Christmas cards. Last year I strung up lights on a pine tree outside, picked out a festive outfit for Joshua, piled his red wagon with teddy bears and recruited my mom’s assistance and photographic expertise. It was chilly, but I was so pleased with the photos we got of Joshua. Inspired by my mom’s tradition, I started a Christmas scrapbook that I will add a few pages to each year. I can take that out and reminisce about seasons past. For this year’s photo shoot, I have visions of Joshua sitting on my brother’s red and gray tractor. I have to find the perfect winter cap for that picture first, though!

The weekend after Thanksgiving is also the time of year that I get into the Christmas spirit here on the blog. This will be my fourth year hosting a Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap, and I have plans to reinvent it as a blog hop. I’m working on a winter/Christmas blog design that will debut that weekend as well.

Christmas is not about consumerism for us. We absolutely do buy presents but are not focused on the “stuff” that we’re getting and giving. It’s really about love, family, and the beauty of the season.

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7 Responses to Red and Green Friday

  1. I love this alternate description of what the day after Thanksgiving can be like. Before Black Friday was a traditional shopping day, I do believe it was the traditional day to get out the Christmas decorations (it was in my family growing up). Love those barn decorations! This post is making me feel pretty Christmas-y.

    • Farmer's Daughter

      Friday after Thansgiving has always been when we set up the farm market for Christmas. The store is closed, but the family is at work setting up Christmas trees and decorating. We’re far too busy baking Thanksgiving pies to think about it before then!

      I was worried that this post wouldn’t quite fit with the green consumerism theme, but I guess we green our consumerism by opting-out on Black Friday. And the memories are so much better than the “stuff.”

  2. What gorgeous photos! I love your tradition. We do something similar and it is a great way to kick off the season.

  3. 7 years ago, I participated in the Black Friday madness for the first and last time. I scored a dvd player for my dad and a new boyfriend who I later married. :) I like to use the day after Thanksgiving to support the local tree farms and get our Christmas tree. However, this year, we may have to wait until December since Half-pint is intent on conquering the world with her new crawling skills!

  4. OMG, Abbie, all I could think reading your post was, “Can I come over???” Your house looks so wonderfully festive – just gorgeous! (LOVE all the windows too!)

  5. Alicia

    I love this post. It seems like more and more heart, gratitude, and joy are being forgotten during the Yuletide season. The media report holiday shopping stats like it is a sporting event. It is a breath of fresh air to hear from someone my age with similar holiday values.

    I would like to share one of my memories. I know, I know; it is so simple, but I loved it. My (Lakota) great-grandfather and I used to watch the sunrise – something that began the morning of the Solstice and ended Christmas Day. The family legend: this observance began when I was an infant. He supposedly strapped me to his body and would go to a special spot – by foot, skis, or snow-shoes. Nature was, and still is, important…

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