Abigail Rose ~ Wordless Wednesday

My parents knew that Abigail was a family name, but I was so excited when a friend found this painting up for auction. The Abigail Rose in this painting is one of my relatives. According to the listing on Skinner Auctioneers and Appraisers, she lived on my family’s farm and this painting was done in 1786 when she was 14 years old. It eventually left the farm somehow along with some of the items in the painting, including her¬†Battersea box and prayer book. I was shocked when I saw the value of the items was estimated at $150,000-250,000. We joked that we should go bid on it, or at least go visit it. After all, these items are a part of my family’s heritage, and I am this girl’s namesake.

After a few delays due to snow, the auction was finally held last weekend. I was so excited to see how much it went for. 

Wait for it…



Over a million dollars! I kind of want to know who bought it and what they plan to do with it!

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  1. Wow. That is so cool! How amazing to learn about that piece of history–and your family–and then to see it be worth so much! Holy cow!

  2. WOW. It’s too bad it left the family, huh? I would have been like, no fair, that’s my relative, I should get the painting! lol But then again, she’s probably related to a lot of people by now, lol.

  3. Wowzers! That’s too bad you can’t swing that kind of dough. ;) To go for that much means multiple people wanted it badly. At least you know your family’s heritage is meaningful!

  4. Marjorie Rose

    Do you know the Rose family who sold the painting? I read she came from Branford, CT and was the daughter of Justus Rose. Justus Rose who died in 1810 would be one of my ancestors, too. Two rooms of his father’s (Jonathan Rose) home is in the Yale Art Museum, having been moved from Branford, CT. I would be curious to know who the other three children’s names, but can’t seem to find these names, yet.

    • Farmer's Daughter

      Nice to meet you, long lost cousin! I have learned a little bit more since I wrote this post. There was an extensive article about it in an arts newspaper that I was able to get my hands on. I plan to post about it soon; not sure if there’s an online version.

      Yale was one of the bidders that lost out on the painting. They wanted to buy it to put in the Rose House rooms in the art museum. I don’t know the person who sold it, as the painting, items and documents left the farm long ago. From what I have heard, the person who sold it was the widower of a woman who had inherited it through family. I don’t know either of their names.

      You should check out the book on the Robert Rose family by Christine Rose. I believe it would have the information you are looking for about sibling names, etc., in it. Christine runs her own website and sells it through that, I don’t believe it’s available on Amazon, etc.

      • Farmer's Daughter

        And yes, the town at that time was Branford, but it’s actually North Branford (today). It is also referred to as Totoket or North Farms, or sometimes even New Haven.

  5. Marjorie Rose

    Yes I have that book now. It’s quite a treatise on the Rose family. What a shame Yale did not get that painting. My family has a mourning cup that begins with Justus Rose. It should go to Yale for safe keeping. I noticed on the sales notice for Abigail’s painting there were other portraits, too. One, of Jonathan Rose went to my great grandfather John Rose of Baltimore. Don’t think it survived? This would give you an idea of what antique dealer sold the painting. I emailed the concern without reply, hoping it might have gone to a museum.


  6. Marjorie Rose

    Here is an account of who bought the painting….for a client. It talks of Yale trying to acquire it.


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