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9 Responses to Snow!

  1. Yay! Beautiful! I can’t wait for it to snow where I am at. And if not, NY for Christmas! Sweet little bundle there!

  2. Even with crazy Oklahoma weather… we usually have COLD Halloween, but not SNOW! That said, it is supposed to get down to 33° tonight! We don’t usually get snow until after Giftmas.

  3. The news just said that there’s a little bit of snow falling here, a few towns over.
    I’m so not ready for this!

  4. Oh, my goodness, what beautiful pictures! I love the fall weather here, but even I could get behind snow that’s that pretty. :) What a beautiful little one, too, and I love the hat!

  5. Great pics! I don’t think we’ll every forget this Halloween snow storm!

  6. My boys are soo ready for snow. Well, the whole family is, we love to snowmobile. Hope you enjoy your snow is pleasant, and you don’t get too much cabin fever!

  7. Wow! We are on the total opposite of the weather spectrum… enjoying a heat wave here in South Africa. It looks so beautiful :)

  8. Kat

    Somebody has definitely made Mother Nature rather angry. Personally I think they had better be apologizing quickly because I don’t want any more repeats of this any time soon –

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