October Unprocessed

After a lot of thought, like a whole 30 minutes worth, I’ve decided to join the October Unprocessed challenge from Eating Rules. Basically I’m going to skip all processed foods for the entire month of October. Even Halloween candy. I know! With the craziness of my schedule, I’ve found myself slipping further and further back towards convenience foods and I don’t like it. This challenge is just what I need.

I like the description of the “Kitchen Rule,” meaning that if you couldn’t make it in your own kitchen, it’s processed. You don’t have to actually make it yourself, but somebody should be able to make it in a regular kitchen with regular ingredients. And the rules are open to your own interpretation, which I like a lot.

There are some foods that I consider to be processed because I don’t have the time or skill level required to make them myself. For example:

  • cheese
  • yogurt
  • pasta
  • tortillas
  • soy sauce

I have made my own cheese, yogurt, pasta and tortillas before, but I can’t sign on for the time required to do that right now. So I’m going to go ahead and say it’s ok for me to buy them as long as they pass the kitchen test. I had some wonderful goat’s milk ricotta salata tonight, from a local artisan, so it totally passed the kitchen test.

There are some other foods that I’m going to make myself because the store-bought versions I’ve been relying on are far too processed. Bread, for example. I do love to make my own bread and knead by hand, but again I don’t have time right now so fortunately I have a bread machine to do the hard part for me. I made some cinnamon walnut whole wheat bread today, so I’ll have breakfast for the next few days.

I’ve also decided to weigh myself today to get a baseline to see what happens if I can actually stick to this for a month. Who knows???

I’ve already developed two new recipes thanks to this challenge! The bread and a Pumpkin Pasta with Peas and Ricotta Salata. Look for the recipes this week…

Have you joined this challenge? Think you could do it?

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