Radical Homemakers

Go check out my review at The Green Phone Booth and enter for a chance to win my copy of the book!

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3 Responses to Radical Homemakers

  1. I just read your review and then jumped back here to leave my comment. I usually library check-out most of my parenting books, but love that you have attached a give away to this. Firstly, you are a great writer and I enjoyed reading your review. So, if the book is as wonderful as your review touts, then I will be sure to add it to my list of “need to borrow”.

    Thanks for helping to keep us conscious parents in the know.

  2. You are a blogging wonder! Can’t wait to see your post at The Green Phone Booth!

  3. LOVE your review!

    I believe I was a radical homemaker when you and your brothers were little, but that was more common then, so perhaps I wasn’t so radical!

    Now, I’m working full-time and not nearly so much the homemaker as you are. How do you do it all? With the abundance of snow days this winter, I have really enjoyed being home more and long for those days when I was home with small children; nothing can beat that!

    Perhaps, now I’m more the radical grammy, trying to do it all, working full-time, earning my doctorate (full-time), enjoying grandparenthood immensely, and letting some of the “homemaking” fall by the wayside . . .

    I’m planning on reading the book, but please don’t enter me in the give-away because I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of rule against raffling items off to family!

    Much love and in deep respect for ALL you do,


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