My boys resting under blankies. 

Joshua’s great-great grandma made the quilt, and his great-grandma made the afghan.

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6 Responses to Patchwork

  1. Aw, there’s so much love in that photo! :)

  2. That is too precious. I love old blankets, especially ones with stories. We have afghans made by women in our family, some of who are now passed on. I feel so lucky they left us these gifts, so warm and beautiful too.

  3. Jennifer Hamilton

    The softness of an old heirloom quilt on a cold day will bring comfort and rest to the weary. One of our family’s favorite afghans is one that belonged to my Grandmother Jones. It is very old and heavy; perfect for the cold nights that we have been having lately. My children have used it to build forts and even dragged it into the yard to play in their tent. It has seen better days, but I don’t have the heart to replace it. Besides, it would take years to soften a new blanket to such perfection.

  4. Gotta love quilts, especially ones made by ones we love, and ones that will be passed down through the ages!

  5. Wow; you’ve got some longevity going on in your family. Both of your “boys” look cute as ever, I’m SURE enhanced by the homemade covers. :-)

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