Yesterday was the biggest snowstorm I’ve ever seen.  I heard on the news that a neighboring town got 30″ of snow and broke the record from 1888.  We got about 2′ of snow yesterday, on top of the foot that fell over the weekend.  I got two days off of school, too!

Our deck. The snow is up to the seats of the chairs!

The back of our house with tracks from the snowmobile.  The snow was too high  for it and Ed had to dig it out three times in only one lap around the house.

My dad had to plow our road to get to our house to plow the driveway. 

 The view from the bottom of our driveway.  How’s your weather?

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  1. certainly not that snowy. Oh goodness, I just love it. It’s beautiful and even better that you get to be home:)

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