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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

I like to imagine things that make me happy when I lay my head down on my pillow.  It helps me to relax and drift off to sleep.  I remember thinking about the prom, my wedding, and future children throughout … Continue reading


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Down on the Farm… Brooklyn Style

My husband and I were born and (mostly) bred in small farm towns on the outreaches of Chicago’s suburbs. My high school had a thriving FFA chapter and tractors were not uncommon sights around town. His family, just 5 miles … Continue reading


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Sea and Sky

We took a gorgeous cruise around the Thimble Islands on the first evening of fall. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, companions or views. Thanks to my Mom and Dad for organizing the trip! (And to my in-laws for watching … Continue reading


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Six Items or Less

Today’s guest post comes from my friend and former student Kayla. As a fashion merchandising student, I’m supposed to constantly be on the lookout for new styles and designers. Also as a student in New York City, there is an … Continue reading


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Breastfeeding – Approaching a transition

Today’s guest post comes from my friend Michelle, who blogs at The Ahouse Adventures. It was always my goal to breastfeed Sophia through her 1-year birthday. From what I’ve read, and with the routine we’ve got down, it’s the best option … Continue reading


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