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More Animals!

I tend to write a lot about the animals on my family’s farm, but today we got to visit with the animals from Ed’s side.  We saw the meat chickens: Cornish Rocks that are growing so fast! We also visited … Continue reading


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Rhubarb Cutie Pies

Thank you, rhubarb! You’ve provided the inspiration for my first new recipe since the baby was born!  This recipe can be used to make four cutie pies (4 1/2″ pans) or one 9″ pie. dough for 2-crusted pie 3 cups sliced rhubarb … Continue reading


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What’s Your Favorite Perennial?

Gardening season is upon us! I’m relatively new to perennials, since I just started growing them when we moved into our house.  I have a few favorites, but I’m dreaming of adding in another perennial garden somewhere in our vast … Continue reading


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Going Tech-Free

I spend a lot of time online: reading blogs, emailing, tweeting, exploring facebook, reading scientific and parenting articles, checking the news and weather, researching, uploading pictures, and writing my own blog.  Since I’m on maternity leave, I’ve been spending even … Continue reading


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Challenge Posts!

  Thanks so much to those who participated in my first challenge! Be sure to check out all the posts for a wealth of information! Laura wrote about educating her son in Of seeds and water and environmental things. Old Novice chose to … Continue reading

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