Horse Pictures!

Isabelle is almost 7 months old now, and I’m 32 weeks pregnant.  Due to both of those facts, it’s a little bit too dangerous for me to go in her pen now.  She’s frisky, and I’m not in any shape to dodge her high kicks and air jumps! 

Duke loves to get in on the action and visit with Annabelle and Isabelle.

Isabelle and Dukie are friends, even if he is jealous of the attention she gets.

Thanks for the pictures, Mom!

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6 Responses to Horse Pictures!

  1. what a gorgeous baby! I have a baby shetland/something else cross who is about the same age..,…

    enjoy her! And good luck witrh your own baby! Is it number one?

  2. How cute!! I showed my horse crazy friend some pictures of your horses the other day and she wanted to steal them. They make me miss my horsie. :(

  3. You look great together!

    It’s been fun watching Anabelle’s baby grow, which will be nothing compared to experiencing the birth and growth of your own baby!

    Lots of fun to come! So happy that we’re getting a real grandchild! Up ’til now, I could only show off pix of our horse grandbaby!

  4. Samantha

    I just love your blog, I always check it for updates! I love your recipes and the pics that you post! Thanks for such a wonderful blog, it’s way better than a magazine!
    I hope this year is a great one for you!!

    Thanks, Sam

  5. Rob

    Love the pic of pregnant mom with the John Deere cap-LOL

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