Playing in the Snow

Sunday Stroll

We got about a foot of snow between when we went to sleep last night and when we woke up this morning, which meant Ed had some digging out to do today.

It may look like he’s working, plowing the driveway with the scraper blade on his tractor, but don’t let that fool you.

That’s a great big smile on his face, just like a little kid playing in the snow.

Oh, and when the snowmobile came out, that’s when the fun really began.  It was too chilly for me, though, and I spent most of the day inside baking Christmas cookies.

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.

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3 Responses to Playing in the Snow

  1. What a wonderful kind of winter day… Big kid (husband) happy playing in the snow, and you indoors baking. I’ll bet the house smelled wonderful when he came in to warm up. I love the first photo. Your entryway looks very welcoming, and I love the sweet blue of the door. So pretty!

  2. Just love how the falling snow on your site complimented the snow scenes you posted. I’m sure Ed had fun on his green tractor! We certainly had enough snow to play in!

  3. Marie

    I knew Ed would be in his element and loving this day, all the things he loves to do on a nice snowy day, it was a beautiful day and the baking marathon was in full force here as well. Will we have a white Christmas for real?????? Our Grandbaby’s first big snow fall!

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