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Sustainable Food Budget Challenge

Crunchy Chicken has convinced me to join another challenge.  In this challenge, we’re supposed to try to buy healthy, sustainable food while limiting spending to what we would get in food stamps.  For the two people in our house, that … Continue reading


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While cooking supper, the late afternoon sun on the pansies caught my eye.  Shortly after I took this photo, I saw a little white bug on one of the leaves.  Further inspection revealed more bugs.  I quickly mixed together a … Continue reading


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Yummy Soil Model

Years ago, when I first started teaching the soil unit, I was looking for a way to make it more exciting.  The importance of soil structure is often lost on students, and I finally came up with a great idea: … Continue reading


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Green and Rain

Walking around the edge of the forest today, I couldn’t help but notice the two sure signs of spring: the color green making its triumphant return, while the rain drizzled all around. Raindrops collect on the needles of a white pine. Droplets … Continue reading


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Garlic Lime Roasted Turkey with Cornbread Chorizo Stuffing

We had some friends over last night and I decided to make a turkey.  I wanted to spice it up a little bit, and the results were really yummy.  I baked the stuffing separately so it didn’t take so long to … Continue reading


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