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Fun with Annabelle

By the time I got to the farm this morning, my dad and brother had already brushed her and taken her for a walk around the farm to meet the other animals.  Fortunately, Nathaniel took a break from the sap … Continue reading


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Meet Annabelle

Our new horse arrived tonight at around 9:30, about 3 hours behind schedule.  They left Michigan at 6am, so it was a long drive!  She was a little bit anxious to get out of the trailor, but once she tasted … Continue reading


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A New Horse

So yes, I may have jumped the gun yesterday, but I was just so excited.  Anyway, now it’s official.  Our new horse should arrive tomorrow night.  Her name is Kenna but we might change it, and she’s a Shire.  She’s … Continue reading


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Just out of curiosity…

… if you were getting a draft horse or a team of draft horses, what names would you choose? There may be a horse in my near future…


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Lettuce Sprouts


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