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This is the first meatloaf I’ve made in years.  I can remember helping my mom make it and her telling me that ketchup and mustard were the secret ingredients.  This time, I pretty much just took everything in the fridge … Continue reading


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Tag I’m It!

I got tagged to do this meme.  So here goes! Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog – some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end … Continue reading


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Teaching on the Phone

Even though it was a snow day, I still got to educate someone about sustainability. RING! Me: Hello? National Geographic Representative: I’m calling from National Geographic.  We’re going to send you a free satellite map and a trial of our new … Continue reading


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Place-Based Learning: Long Island Sound

After my experience at the Island School, I came back wanting to incorporate what I had learned about place-based learning into my teaching style.  Place-based learning involves learning the subject through an exploration of where you are, your “place.”  I’ve … Continue reading


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Pantry Doors

Ed’s been working on our pantry cabinets, and he spent last weekend working on the doors.  We decided to make Shaker-style doors to match our kitchen cabinets, and we’re currently trying to decide what color to paint them.  I’m leaning … Continue reading


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